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Welcome to this year's BMW & MINI celebration. We have been looking forward to this day because there is really something to celebrate. What an achievement from you all! We are very proud of your efforts and the results you have all helped to create.
Let the party begin…

On this page we will give you an insight into the thoughts and choices behind this year's party. Because just like with our cars, some very conscious choices have been made during the planning of this day, especially regarding the environment and recyclability.

In a few days, we will also have uploaded photo and video links to this page, so you can have a look back and enjoy the happy memories from this festive day. So, remember to revisit the page in a few days.

Planning thoughts


Comwell Inde

There are many good reasons why Comwell was the obvious choice for having our BMW & MINI Celebration Party. But one of the overriding reasons is Comwell's strategy when it comes to sustainability. Here they share BMW and MINI's views on the subject. We may not be 100% sustainable (not many companies are), but we work hard and continuously to improve further. We Re-think solutions and keep developing, so that we are always among the top performers in our industry.


The menu and drinks today have also been chosen with the thought in mind, to reduce the party's CO2 footprint. Comwell prioritize to use as much local organic produce in season as possible.

In addition, they are focusing on:

  • Animal welfare and avoiding endangered fish species.
  • Close cooperation, and requirements for their suppliers.
  • Partnerships in regard to the delivery of  local organic pigs and local free-range cattle.


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Zendoo Keychain


The keychain provided is produced by the socio-economic company Zendoo, which employs vulnerable people and helps them return to the labor market. Zendoo produces products that are mainly made from surplus materials such as residual leather and fabric from the furniture industry.

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The lanyard on which your keychain is attached is made of woven recycled plastic.


The party decoration mainly consists of light sources as well as recyclable products. Instead of producing banners and other material that is simply thrown away afterwards, the focus has been on mainly using recyclable solutions.

We use Comwell's existing light sources supported by rented LED screens.


The balloons are made of 100% natural materials and are naturally degradable. The plants we use for decoration are rented and will be re:used.The cut flowers on the tables are used by Comwell over several days for various events, so they are utilized to the maximum before they end up as compost via waste sorting.


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Awards show


The beautiful statuettes for this year's award show are from

For every statuette produced, a new tree is planted. The statuette is biodegradable.

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The ONE BMW & MINI collaboration is without a doubt a huge success! We know it is based on good relations, and a strong collaboration across all departments and businesses. It is therefore time for us to have some fun together and nurture these relationships. Today this can be done, while playing a game and enjoying the good company. So have Fun and play some Games. All games are made of wood, and can be re-cycled once they have served their lifetime.


Tips & Ideas

To consider the environment and our planet is not an "either or". Keep in mind, that even small changes count in the big picture. And there are lots of small things you can easily do to help our environment.

Here some ideas to get you started:

- Buy local and organic foods when possible-sort your waste so that plastic, glass, paper, etc. can be recycled

- Do not throw rubbish in nature

- Help pick up trash when you go for a walk along the beach

- Re:Use

- Re:Duce

- Re-Cycle.

- And remember to Re-Think the choices you make. Sometimes there is a better alternative right in front of you.


When the evening's festivities come to an end, you can look forward to a small "Goodnight-Kiosk" opening for you. Here you will find some delicacies to take home or to your room. There might be some snacks or goodies you have not tried before, and these products may be a good inspiration for new more conscious choices in your everyday life. 

In the kiosk you will be introduced to the following products:


Wally and Whiz wine gums

Wally and Whiz wine gums

The Danish-produced gourmet wine gums are made from 100% natural berries, fruits, herbs, and roots. They are vegan, gluten free and contain no artificial flavors and colors. Wally and Whiz uses 100% green energy in their production, and strives to use local raw materials, suppliers, and labor.

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Everyone may need a piece of gum once in a while, but are you aware that a lot of chewing gum contains micro-plastic? That is not very good for you nor the environment. Let us introduce you to True Gum. Maybe you have already tried it? It is a 100% plant-based chewing gum with natural flavors and no micro-plastic. There is also no plastic packaging, which is often used with traditional chewing gum. Instead, they use cardboard boxes.

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Hey Planet - insect bars

Hey Planet - insect bars

Are we now going to eat insects?? Yes, why not. These insect bars taste good, and the nutritional content of insects does not just match meat - it surpasses it.

Hey Planet uses powdered buffalo beetles and mutton chickens, which contain i.a. protein, iron, B12, magnesium, fiber, calcium, Omega-3 fatty acids and more. This is equivalent to eating rye bread, fish, and beef at the same time. The production of 1 kg of insect protein requires very little feed and water and emits almost no CO2

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Ecooking - Multi Oil

The wonderful Multi Oil from Ecooking is a bit of a miracle cure, and can be used for a lot of different purposes. The oil is a blend of unique, multifunctional and 100% organic oils. The oil is vegan, fragrance-free and dermatologically tested. Use it as a body oil, make-up remover or as a shaving oil.

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Egekilde Water

Egekilde water is coming from the Danish underground, so no unnecessary resources have been spent on transporting the water to Denmark.The plastic bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic, and thanks to the Danish deposit/return system, approx. 93% of the sold plastic water bottles end up back in the return system to be re-used again.

Read more about Egekilde here:



Read more about why water in plastic bottles is better than water in cardboard:


Photos and Video

Here you can see video, pictures, drawings and the 360 ​​degree videos from the BMW / MINI party 2022. Enjoy!

Have a great party! 🎉

We wish you a great BMW & MINI Celebration party - you deserve it!

As you have probably discovered, Re:Use, Re:Cycle, Re:Duce and Re:Think are still a major focus area for the BMW Group, and we hope today can help inspire you to more sustainable choices. There might not always be a 100% sustainable option, but you can choose the best alternative and still make a difference. Even though we have made very conscious choices regarding sustainability when planning this party, we have decided to CO2 compensate. In a few days you will be able to see the calculation and read more about it right here on this site.